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Michigan Trappers & Predator Callers Association
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Governing Board

President: Mark Spencer - Email mspencer@mtpca.com
Executive Vice President: Chris Kettler Email ckettler@mtpca.com
Region 1 Vice President: Ed Kramer - Email ekramer@mtpca.com
Region 2 Vice President: Tammy McDuffie Email tmcduffie@mtpca.com
Region 3 Vice President: Ken "Bernie" Burzynski - Email kburzynski@mtpca.com
Treasurer: Vickie Wright - E-mail vwright@mtpca.com
Membership Secretary: Steve Campbell - Email scampbell@mtpca.com
Recording Secretary: Craig Schafer Email cschafer@mtpca.com
Convention Coordinator: Vacant
Public Relations: Mark Earl - Email mearl@mtpca.com
Fur Sale Director: Calvin Miller - Email cmiller@mtpca.com
NTA Director: Ken "Bernie" Burzynski - Email kburzynski@mtpca.com
Trapline Editor: John Caretti - Email jcaretti@mtpca.com
M.U.C.C. Director: Chris Kettler - Email ckettler@mtpca.com
Director at Large Inventory: Lisa Bagalay - Email lbagalay@mtpca.com
Director at Large, Raffle Coordinator: Craig Schafer Email cschafer@mtpca.com
Director at Large, Landowner Assistance: Mike Schippa Email mschippa@mtpca.com
Director at Large: Joe Velchansky Email jvelchansky@mtpca.com
Predator Caller Outreach Director: Carl Roeller Email croeller@mtpca.com
Director at Large: Erick Trombley Email etrombley@mtpca.com
Director at Large: Ed Lundborg - Email elundborg@mtpca.com

Region 1 - Upper Peninsula DNR Zone 1

Regional Vice President: Ed Kramer - Email ekramer@mtpca.com
Regional Director: Dan Johnson - E-mail djohnson@mtpca.com
Regional Director: Vacant

Region 2 - DNR Zone 2

Regional Vice President: Tammy McDuffie tmcduffie@mtpca.com
Regional Director: Mark Dorman - Email mdorman@mtpca.com
Regional Director: Elbert Rush - E-mail erush@mtpca.com
Regional Director - Vacant

Region 3 - DNR Zone 3

Regional Vice President: Ken "Bernie" Burzynski - Email kburzynski@mtpca.com
Regional Director: Jack Longstreet - Email jlongstreet@mtpca.com
Regional Director: Sam Berkheimer - Email sberkheimer@mtpca.com
Regional Director: Jim Tate - Email jtate@mtpca.com