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Welcome to Michigan Trappers and Predator Callers Association
Our organization has come a long way since its origin in 1957 as the Zone 2 Michigan Trappers Association. 

Following the Zone 2 organization, Southern Michigan Trappers Assocation began in 1974, followed by a statewide merger into the Michigan Trappers Association, Inc., in 1989.

With the statewide interest in both trapping and predator calling, the association again encompassed additional sportsmen and women in 2009 with the beginnings of the statewide Michigan Trappers & Predator Callers Association, Inc.

Our objectives have remained the same over the years, and include protecting the rights of Michigan sportsmen to harvest surplus furbearing animals, realizing the need for furbearer conservation and education, and assisting the Michigan Department of Natural Resources in wildlife management.

Because of our efforts throughout the years, our residents are still able to traverse the woods and waterways in pursuit of the renewable resources of furbearing animals.
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The Case for Scientific Wolf Management in Michigan - Add Your Opinion
All of the individuals and organizations below who have signed on to this “simple” solution want Michigan’s wolf management to be taken out of politics, personal agendas, the fundraising and “pseudo-science” of those organizations who profess to be protecting animals but are just getting rich and doing nothing to protect critical habitat or population sustainability. READ MORE
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Creating a United Front - Dedicated to Protecting Sportsmen's Rights
Michigan Trappers & Predator Callers Association
MTPCA Scholarship
MTPCA Scholarship
MTPCA Membership Drive
As we all know with fur prices down and gas prices soaring memberships are down and we are looking for any opportunity to help grow the membership during this time. In order to do so we are looking forward to doing a membership drive for new members with the guarantee to win free MTPCA gear and a chance at some great prizes for both trappers and predator callers alike.
This drive will start at our yearly convention on August 18, 2023 and go through to our yearly convention in August 2024. The drawing winners will be picked at the yearly convention in Evart. I look forward to seeing how hard the trapping and predator hunting community can work in order to help raise memberships to help secure our future in trapping and predator hunting here in Michigan.

Sign up 1 New Member = 1 Entry for Drawing
Sign up 5 New Members = 5 Entries for Drawing Plus Get a free Coffee Mug or Sticker
Sign up 10 new Members = 10 Entries for Drawing Plus Get A Free license plate or patch and above
Sign up 15 New Members = 15 Entries for Drawing Plus Get a Free T-shirt and above
Sign up 20 New Members = 20 Entries for Drawing Plus Get a Free Hat and above
Sign up 30 New Members = 30 Entries for Drawing Plus Get a Free Hoodie and above
Sign up 34 New Members = Free lifetime membership (this is available to all members except board members) as well as above

Trapping Prizes

1ST PRIZE- Sponsored by Ralph from J&K Fur Exchange Trap Package 4 DUKE 550s, 4 110s, 4 Duke DPs
2nd Prize Sponsored by Ernest Winter from Winter Wildlife Control Bait and Lure- Package of both Land and Water Baits and Lures
3rd Prize Sponsored by Jim Tate from Wolfen Bait and Lures- Package of both Land and Water Baits and Lures
4th Prize Sponsored by  Hagz Trapline Product Package

Predator Caller Prizes
Grand Prize- Sponsored by FNT POST ICOtec Helion Programmable Electronic Game Caller
1st Prize- Sponsored by Paul Cianciolo from Predator Hunter Outdoors NightSnipe NS750 IR Illuminator Hunting Light Kit
2nd Prize Bog Tripod Sponsored by Williams Gun Sight INC  
3rd Prize Hand/Mouth Call Package Sponsored by D&R Sports
4th Shoulder Drag Sponsored by and from KT CORDS
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MTPCA Provides Comment to Natural Resources Commission March 14 Meeting About Coyote Hunting
Michigan Trappers and Predator Callers
Stand To Defend Proposal G
On March 27, 2024, The Michigan Trappers and Predator Callers Association (MTPCA) filed an appeal in Mackinac County Circuit Court, challenging the Michigan Natural Resources Commission’s (NRC) adoption of Wildlife Conservation Order (WCO) Amendment No. 1 of 2024. MTPCA is represented by Stephen J. van Stempvoort, Miller Johnson, Grand Rapids MI.
As part of WCO Amendment No. 1, the NRC voted 4-2 (with one commissioner absent) at its March 14, 2024 meeting to close the Michigan coyote hunting season from April 15th to July 15th as a response to complaints about social perceptions and the associated political fears of repercussions from animal rights and anti-hunting groups.  
This vote, based upon social perceptions as opposed to “principles of sound scientific management” is a direct assault on the heart and soul of Proposal G. Proposal G was enacted in 1996, by a vote of the people (68.7% for), to ensure via state statute that Michigan’s Natural Resources are managed based upon sound science instead of political pressure.
If the NRC’s decision, based upon social perception, to reduce the citizens ability to effectively manage Michigan’s continually problematic coyote population is not challenged, and reversed, the damage to Proposal G may be irreversible.
MTPCA stands in defense of Proposal G, Michigan’s natural resources and wildlife, and the liberty of each and every citizen of the great state of Michigan.
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