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Our organization has come a long way since its origin in 1957 as the Zone 2 Michigan Trappers Association. 

Following the Zone 2 organization, Southern Michigan Trappers Assocation began in 1974, followed by a statewide merger into the Michigan Trappers Association, Inc., in 1989.

With the statewide interest in both trapping and predator calling, the association again encompassed additional sportsmen and women in 2009 with the beginnings of the statewide Michigan Trappers & Predator Callers Association, Inc.

Our objectives have remained the same over the years, and include protecting the rights of Michigan sportsmen to harvest surplus furbearing animals, realizing the need for furbearer conservation and education, and assisting the Michigan Department of Natural Resources in wildlife management.

Because of our efforts throughout the years, our residents are still able to traverse the woods and waterways in pursuit of the renewable resources of furbearing animals.
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The Case for Scientific Wolf Management in Michigan - Add Your Opinion
All of the individuals and organizations below who have signed on to this “simple” solution want Michigan’s wolf management to be taken out of politics, personal agendas, the fundraising and “pseudo-science” of those organizations who profess to be protecting animals but are just getting rich and doing nothing to protect critical habitat or population sustainability. READ MORE
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